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Best Calling Card & Phone Card to Ghana

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Below you will find 4 calling card plans that range from different billing increments to help you maximize your savings when calling Ghana from USA. Don't worry, because you can change your calling card rate plan to another calling card rate plan without having to transfer funds or creating multiple accounts. Our international calling card is the last calling card you will ever want to buy to call Ghana.


  • Ghana: 22¢
  • Ghana - Acra: 22¢
  • Ghana - Cell: 25¢
· 1 second Rounding
· Local Access Rates
· No Connection Fee
· No monthly fee


  • Ghana: 23.1¢
  • Ghana - Acra: 26¢
  • Ghana - Cell: 26¢
· 1 minute Rounding
· Low Rounding
· No Connection Fee
· No monthly fee


  • Ghana: 24.64¢
  • Ghana - Acra: 21.5¢
  • Ghana - Cell: 21.5¢
· 1 minute Rounding
· Low Global Rates
· No Connection Fee
· No monthly fee


  • Ghana: 21¢
  • Ghana - Acra: 21¢
  • Ghana - Cell: 19¢
· 3 minute Rounding
· Best for Cellular
· No Connection Fee
· 99¢ weekly fee

You'll get excellent FEATURES to call Ghana and Beyond

  • Low Rates to EVERY Country
  • No more dialing PINs (USA)
  • Speed Dial Numbers
  • Works from mobile or landlines
  • Excellent Call Quality
  • International Access
  • Manual & Auto-Recharge
  • Online Account Management
  • Latest in prepaid technology
  • No Cancellation Fees
  • Safe and Secure Shopping
  • Mobile Friendly Website

Rates displayed are when dialing through a local access number. There is an additional 1¢ /minute added when using toll-free access number. Rates to Cell Phones are higher than advertised landline rates, due to different cell carriers. Application of surcharges and fees will have the effect of reducing total minutes actually received on the card from the minutes announced.

Now you know how to call Ghana from USA at cheap international calling rates. Our Ghana calling cards and phone cards to Ghana are the best international calling card to call Ghana for as low as 21¢ per minute.

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